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This group is for Southern liberal Democrats and other Dems who support them in spirit. Let's turn the South blue together!

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This group is for southern liberal Dems and other Dems who support them in spirit.

Whether you live in the south now or in the past, it's all good. Even if you haven't been in the south (but you're a liberal dem) and if you have sense enough to know that all southerns aren't the same, then you're good to go. If you constantly put the south down, then it just ain't gonna work. :-)

The group will be monitored and moderated on a daily basis. The CoH will be strictly enforced.

Having said that, I hope you join, partcipate, or just drop by every now and then!

* I added this in the group discussion section but thought I should add it here too. We desperately need a group avatar / logo that maybe reads "Southern Liberal Democrats." What about a rectangular shape with the words in "democrat" blue? Or what about a map with all the southern states in blue, or all states blue? LOL. I've checked images on the interent and can't find anything. We should have something all our own anyway. Any ideas? Everybody has a say in it. The group belongs to all of us. If anyone wants to make an image and share it, we could vote...just a thought.

* Update: McSpocky is great with graphics. He's a member and is going to help us out!


Darrah (created on 1 / 15 /11)